529 prepaid tuition plans are treated as an asset of the account

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If this unfortunate event takes place in a class, the professor is to held accountable. As a teacher, I had several student-athletes who performed at a higher academic level than many of their non-athlete peers. I did not grade athletes differently or bolster their grades in anyway. They simply applied themselves, managed their time, and took their academics seriously. WRONG. Related to Orzel’s sentiments above, Daniel Oppenheimer, another expert and a professor of psychology, argues that one reason athletes often earn lower grades has to do with the student’s interpretation of their teammates’ attitude toward academics in general.

The best choices for each family will depend on a number of factors, one of the most significant of which is family income, as some of the tax-advantaged programs discussed here have income restrictions that don’t allow higher income families to participate.  owner and reported on the federal financial aid application, just as 529 savings plans are. Parent-owned plans have minimal effect on financial aid because they are assessed at a maximum rate of 5.64 percent. Plans owned by grandparents are not required to be disclosed on the financial aid application. It is important to note, however, that 50 percent of the distributions from these plans are reported as untaxed income to the student beneficiary on the following year’s Free Application for Federal Student Aid form, causing a significant impact on financial aid. This calculator is designed to help families create an effective funding strategy to cover their expected college tuition costs using a 529 college savings plan.


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